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EVOLVE! Masterclass 2019 | Brno | April

The art of attraction. Building inbound candidate pipelines for every role. A how to guide.

Modern talent acquisition blends inbound and outbound strategies for attracting the best talent. This masterclass is designed to give you the tools and techniques to build a digital brand that connects people with your company, and applicants with your live jobs.

The modern recruiter needs to be part recruiter, part salesperson, part marketeer, part customer service, part organiser and all things in between. This masterclass is about helping you understand and apply employer brand messaging, job branding (and the difference) and to get everyone in your company taking part. Sessions will be hands on, (so bring a laptop), practical and enjoyable. Expect to be fully involved and to get your hands dirty.

Why come ?

8 hours of pure know-how

Become a full-stack sourcer in just one day. Explore and master a whole range of techniques used in modern sourcing. Widen your search scope. Evolve.

Hands-on experience

Practice makes perfect. Try everything you’ve learnt at one of our lab sessions. Tackle your sourcing issues and get solutions tailored to your particular case.

Unique networking opportunity

Meet other specialists from the field. Expand your network. Share experience and best practices during the day or over a glass of wine at the final party.

Who's your trainer ?

Bill Boorman

Well-known founder of #Tru events Bill Boorman focuses on social recruiting integration and infrastructure, keynote speaking, recruiting technologies, recruitment marketing and digital media.

In 2013, his #Tru events hosted more than 100 events in 65 countries. Nowadays the events take place almost every week. They allowed Bill to meet over 2 500 people working in and around recruiting across the globe which gives him a great insight into the market and the necessary technologies.

As a judge for the UK #CandE awards, Bill understands how the HR market is changing. In 2014, he also published his first book The Cult of Work.

Bill Boorman describes himself as a recovering recruiter, having worked in and around the world of recruiting for over 35 years. He works with global organisations advising on strategy and technology incuding brand, messaging, people and process.

He is a judge in the EMEA edition of the Candidate Experience Awards, and is committed to making recruiting better and easier for everyone. He is an in demand speaker at events across the world, and a stand up comedian.

Brno | DD.MM.2019

Agenda .

The day is divided into four active sessions and two coffee breaks
12:30 ??

Check – in

13:00 -


A mini-design sprint to understand the principles of employer brand, job brand, digital content and how companies and audience, using case studies and a study of what companies do now in the region, best and test practice from around the world.

The part of career sites, landing pages, social media and other communication channels. Defining brand and what is important to people. A deep dive in to LinkedIn, Facebook, Email and other channels to see what is really working.

- 14:30


How to define and tell your story. Who tells the story and how, whilst respecting the corporate brand. generating video and images that are low cost, quick and easy to share. Getting everyone involved. The art of networking like a human digitally and in person. The data story of what people respond to.

14:30 - 15:00

Coffee break

15:00 - 16:30

The art of nurture

How to convert connections,friends, fans and subscribers in to applicants and employees. The part of marketing and advertising, and the best ways to stay connected. Identifying and engaging with potential hires, and staying connected over the long term.

16:30 - 17:00

Coffee break

17:00 - 18:00


Learning is of limited value without a plan to put things in practice. In this closing session participants will draw up an action plan to get the whole business contributing to generating candidates, from active referral schemes to generating and sharing content, because activation makes the difference.

18:00 - 18:30


Modern Recruiter - Greg Savage - 2017 | 2018 - Mark Tortorici - Expert Sourcer

Past events .

Last year’s sessions were a blast. Travel back in time with us and see for yourself.







What did our trainees enjoy the most? Read some of their experience.
Greg’s masterclass was a great opportunity to meet a world-class “recruiter” and at the same time to share experience with other colleagues from the recruitment business in Slovakia and Czechia.

Pavol Kubaška GoodCall Slovakia

To hear a recruitment legend like Greg Savage in person, that does not happen every day. A perfect in-depth lecture. Greg was an excellent speaker and an even better entertainer at the dinner after the training. More events like this one!

Matěj Matolín STRV, author lovec-hlav.cz

I took 3 important messages from Greg Savage’s performance. First, recruiters should develop and keep up with the progress in their field. Second, it will be harder and harder to get people interested in the jobs offered online, and third, that for those most sought-after clients, the recruiters’ job will be more like representing a sportsman, taking care of their career. I am already looking forward to what next year’s got to offer.

Tomáš Surka McROY

News .

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